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The following events are scheduled as follows:

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JAN. 6—TOMAHAWK GRUDGE HUNT 2-CLASS SPEED & DRIVE, Tomahawk Fox Pen, Hemingway, SC. Ritchie Powell 843-933-0441.
JAN. 12-14—TAR HEEL OPEN FHA ONE CLASS 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Bay City Fox Preserve, Bayboro, NC. Ronnie Ireland 252-671-3997. 

JAN. 13—NOTTOWAY RIVER 1 DAY HGA, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Dustin Morris 804-691-1686.

JAN. 13—FORT HILL 1 DAY HGA, Joe Lewis Fox Pen, Lawrenceville, Va. Crystal Parrish 434-262-6177.

JAN. 17-20—2018 INTERNATIONAL RUNNING HOUND CLASSIC, Deep South Running Pen, Picayune, MS. Larry Etheridge 601-644-3568 (home) or 601-479-4719 (cell).

JAN. 20—DISMAL SWAMP 1 DAY, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Michael Gordon  (Foots) 757-377-7918.

JAN. 20—TOMAHAWK FOX PEN WINTER NATIONALS SPEED & DRIVE, Hemingway, SC. Ritchie Powell 843-933-0441.

JAN. 25-27—CENTRAL FLORIDA FHA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL, Ocala National Forest, Happy Norris 352-551-7998.

JAN. 26-28—ANGOLA BAY MASTERS 2 DAY DERBY 3 DAY ALL AGE, Triple "B" Fox Preserve, Wallace, NC. Jeremy Bond 920-271-0955.

JAN. 27—SPRING CREEK HUNT CLUB 1 DAY SPEED & DRIVE, Poole's Foxhound Training Preserve, Benji Jarratt 757-803-7018.
JAN. 31-FEB. 3—THE GEORGIA STATE FHA 2018 FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, United Fox Pen, Swainsboro, Ga. L.W. "Bay" Lewis, 770-963-9090.

FEB. 3—TOMAHAWK FOXHUNTERS ONE DAY SPEED & DRIVE, Hemingway, SC. Will Tanner 843-558-2973 (h) or 843-382-7381 (m).
FEB. 7-10—SALINE COUNTY FOXHUNTERS ANNUAL 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, T&T Fox Pen, Grapevine, Ar. Jimmy Wright 502-778-7781.
FEB. 10-16—JOHNSON'S TELEMETRY/HUNTER'S HORN ALL AMERICAN RUNNING HOUND CLASSIC, Mississippi Foxhunters Preserve, Grenada, MS. President - Alton Strider 662-417-4743 or Secretary - Mike Carr  843-621-0576.

FEB. 14-17—FLORIDA STATE FHA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Okeefenokee Training Enclosure, St. George, Ga. Jay Paulson 352-494-6542.

FEB. 16-17—15th ANNUAL RIDGEWAY FIREMAN'S ONE DAY SPEED & DRIVE AND BENCH SHOW, Tar River Fox Pen, Creedmoor, NC. Jonathan Bender 252-213-2661.

FEB. 21-24—KENTUCKY OPEN FHA FIELD TRIAL & BENCH SHOW, Clay Wildlife Management Area, Carlisle, Ky. Rick Woolsey 812-453-6297 or Debbie Woolsey 859-473-5126.

FEB. 28-MAR. 3—Mississippi State Foxhunters Preserve Knl, near Grenada, Ms. Ted Foster 662-419-3266.

MAR. 2-4TAR RIVER CLASSIC 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL AND BENCH SHOW, Tar River Preserve, Creedmoor, NC. Robin D. Barefoot 919-820-3405.

MAR. 9-11—SOUTHEASTERN FHA ANNUAL 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL AND BENCH SHOW, Poole's Fox Preserve, Doodlum, Va. Amy Adams 804-815-3695.

MAR. 21-24—COASTAL GEORGIA FHA 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL AND BENCH SHOW, United Fox Pen, Swainsboro, Ga. Tony Akins 912-865-2800.

MAR. 28-31—WEST HANOVER FOXHUNTERS 3 DAY FIELD TRIAL, Beaverdam, Va (Hanover Country), Donna Terrell 804-883-5720 or 804-339-1693.

C&M PRESERVE PUPPY & DERBY HUNTS (TEST OF THE BEST), Jan. 13th, Feb. 10th, Mar. 10th, 2018.

DEEP BOTTOM FOX PEN PUPPY HUNTS, Wallace, NC. Jan. 20 for Feb. pups; Feb. 17 for Mar. pups; Mar. 17 for Apr. pups; Kevin Cole 910-271-0035 or 910-282-7437.

DEEP BOTTOM FOX PEN BUDDY HUNTS, Wallace, NC. Feb. 3 for Apr. pups; Mar. 3 for May pups; Apr. 7 for June pups; Kevin Cole 910-271-0035 or 910-282-7437.

ROUND O FOX RUN PUPPY HUNTS, Round O, SC. Jan. 20th, Feb. 17th, Mar. 31st. Neal Way 843-908-9666.














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