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Due to the ongoing COVID spikes there will be NO Spring Meetings again this year.

This will include the following:

Chase Open House/Stockholders Meeting/Dinner - Sharon Hurst, Secretary (859) 254-4262

National Directors Meeting - Mike Carr, Secretary (843) 621-0576

Kentucky State Directors Meeting - Dave Black, Secretary (859) 384-1685 (H) or (859) 547-6524 (C)



Due to artic blasts of weather we are experiencing difficulties with our phone lines. 

We had an ice storm come through and covered everything with with ice and before this

could resolve, we  had another round of ice, sleeting rain, and snow which began Sunday evening and early Monday morning.

 You may try to contact us by phone, but should we not answer, please leave a message and we will get back with you as soon

as possible. You may also consider sending an email to chasepubl@mw.twcbc.com and we can try to help you this way.

 We will be in the office today as long as possible, but for safety reasons we may have to leave in the afternoon.

We are expecting to receive a significant amount of snow and more ice today through tomorrow, so there is a possibility that

we will not make it in on Tuesday.  If we do not make it in Tuesday, we will plan on being back in the office on Wednesday.

We have a very good road crew around Lexington and they are working deligently to clear the roads.

We look forward to being back to normal soon. Stay safe in your area as well.